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Filtering your water

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The way nature intended

"Filtering your water naturally not chemically"

Water Filter Direct use world leading Australian, German and Japanese technology and design to achieve the highest water quality including scale reduction in hard water areas, chemical removal for mains water and UV treatment for rain water applications

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Chemical free living starts with chemical free water

With Australia's sewage water recycling program in full swing and with more water sources becoming contaminated with PFAS & PFOA "forever chemicals" our water supply "tap water" has become the talking point for many Australian households.

Our bodies absorb chemicals from drinking water, but absorbs 10x to 15x more through the skin when showering or taking a bath.

So protecting you and your family throughout your home inside and out is what we pride ourselves on. Removing chemicals from your environment reduces daily chemical exposure promotes healthy living.

With so many water filter system options, sometimes knowing what's right for your home can be a little hard, so let us help you make the right choice for you and your family.

Reach out today on 1300 075 662 or use our request a quote form in the menu.  

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World Leading Filter


A combination of Australian - German and Japanese designed and manufactured filter systems, combines products and raw materials from industry-leading companies Haycarb and Celanese including the MetSorb product to produce the most sustainable filter media on the planet. It integrates 100% renewable Powdered Double Activated Coconut Carbon (DPAC) from Haycarb with ultra -high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) components from Celanese. Achieving the highest industry standards, with a 1000% greater adsorption rate than traditional Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) media and 70% more surface area than standard (PAC) (1 gram = 2000 square meters of surface area). This filter media has been adopted throughout Europe and parts of the USA." Water Filter Direct's Vortex -Pro III can filter the water to your entire home down to 0.22 micron, maintain flow rates of 75LPM with filter change intervals between 200kl > 400kl. Water Filter Direct's new Hydro-Flow 5 stage cartridge system has set a new benchmark for filter performance in the water filtration space, offering fluoride, PFAS and PFOA removal at POE " Whole home filtration" level. 

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Hard Water Anti-Scale Protection 

Combat your hard water PROBLEMS naturally not chemically. We don't use old technology like conditioning cartridges or salt based water softeners that are now banned in many states in the USA and throughout Europe, with the negative environmental impact and health related issues we expect to see a phase out here in Australia. Water Filter Direct's Anti-Scale filter design successfully achieves 95% scale reduction in WA locations like Exmouth with Total hardness above 350ppm and TDS above 850ppm. The new Hydro-Flow 5 stage cartridge boasting an impressive 7300% increase in outer surface area compared to standard cartridges. Crafted with precision in Japan, the outer layer consists of three layers of high performance material configured in a mini pleated design rated at just 0.22 micron. This configuration not only maximises surface area but also serves to protect our dual -layer carbon system. Speaking of which, the dual -layer carbon system comprises an outer 5 -micron layer and finishes with high performance 1.0 micron finishing carbon. This meticulous design ensures thorough filtration, leaving your water exceptionally pure. Ask about our healthier more sustainable option for you and your family and the environment.

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Chemical Removal

Removing chemicals from your water using world leading advanced technology and raw materials from Metsorb a "Berkshire Hathaway Company" allows us to remove and improve what others can't. The same technology is now been adopted throughout Europe. The list of chemical removal and reduction is endless including 99.99% of Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, PFAS, PFOS and Pesticides just to name a few. Water Filter Direct are one of very few companies that are successfully removing fluoride, PFOA and PFOS at the point of entry level "POE Complete home water filtration" Water Filter Direct's new Hydro-Flow 5 stage filter cartridge is setting new standards in the water filtration space with 7300% more surface than traditional cartridge design.

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100% Renewable

World leading manufactured Haycarb produce the most sustainable filter media on the planet. Haycarb produce 16% of the worlds Coconut activated carbon. It's 100% renewable Powdered Activated Coconut Carbon (DPAC). achieving the highest industry standards, with a 1000% greater absorption rate than traditional Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) . Water Filter Direct use a combination of different carbon products and filter media to achieve the best outcome for you and the environment. Sustainability is a choice, make sure you make the right one. 

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Vortex-Pro III
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Free Filters for life

Exclusive to Water Filter Direct customers and the only program of its kind worldwide, our Filters For Life program insures you will never pay for replacement water filters again. This brings your yearly filter maintenance cost to $0.

It's our way of thanking you for sharing your positive experience with friends and family

Your journey to better health

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