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"The Whirlpool-RO 5 Stage Alkaline + Reverse Osmosis Filtration System offers the next level of protection, eliminating harsh chemicals and contaminants like Fluoride, Lead, PFA's, Chlorine, Chloramine, Heavy metals, Bacteria, Pesticides, just to name a few. It also improves oxygen levels in the water and raises pH to Alkaline. You wouldn't expect anything less in the kitchen, as this is the water you consume and cook with. You also have the option to connect this system to your fridge. The Quick Change design makes filter changes easy, eliminating water spillage in your cupboards.

Most kitchen taps are made from brass and finished in chrome. However, some brass tapware contains 1%-5% LEAD and can gradually release lead into your drinking water. This high-risk exposure may contribute to mental and physical illness. Scientific research has revealed that lead pollution may also affect reproductive ability, liver function, and your psychological state.

The Whirlpool-RO 5 Stage Alkaline + Reverse Osmosis Filtration System is LEAD-FREE, non-corrosive, odorless, and anti-pollutant. This removes the risk of contamination in the final stage of water filtration before consuming.

As noted previously, it's the little things that make a big difference. Water Filter Direct has gone above and beyond to bring a premium product to market, giving you, the end user, peace of mind."

Whirlpool-RO-5 Stage Under sink filter system

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