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2045- 3 Stage replacement filter kits 

Rain water 0.5 micron

Mains water 0.5 micron

Anti-scale 0.5 micron

Hydro-Flow 0.22 micron

Vortex-Pro replacement filters

PriceFrom $275.00
  • Acoss our filter cartridge range we combine Australian - German and Japanese designed and manufactured filter systems, with products and raw materials from industry leading companies CelaneseHaycarb and the MetSorb product to produce the most sustainable filter media on the planet. It integrates 100% renewable Powdered Activated Coconut Carbon (PAC) from Haycarb with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) components from Celanese. Together, they achieve the highest industry standards filtering your water to your entire home down to (0.22 micron (Hydro-Flow), with a 1000% greater adsorption rate than traditional Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) media and 70% more surface area than standard (PAC) (1 gram = 2000 square meters of surface area). This filter media has been adopted throughout Europe and parts of the USA."

    Combat your hard water PROBLEMS naturally not chemically. Old technology salt based softeners are now banned in many states in the USA and throughout Europe, and with the negative environmental impact and health related issues we expect to see a phase out here in Australia. Water Filter Direct's Anti-Scale filter design successfully achieves 95% scale reduction in WA locations like Exmouth with Total hardness above 1000pm. Choose a healthier more sustainable option for you and the environment.

    Removing chemicals from your water using world leading advanced technology from Metsorb a "Berkshire Hathaway Company" allows us to remove and improve what others can't. The same technology is now been adopted throughout Europe. The list of chemical removal and reduction is endless including 99.99% of Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, PFA'S and Pesticides just to name a few. Water Filter Direct are one of very few companies that have the ability to remove fluroide at the point of entry level (Complete home water filtration) 

    Each filter kit is a combination of carefuly selected cartridges to suit the application 

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