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The NEW Quad-Flow is here....

This new addition to Water Filter Direct's POU range sets a new standard for POU under-sink filtration options. The 4 Stage system with Hi-Flow capabilities allows a direct connection to an existing kitchen sink mixer tap. The Patent design and filter media structure extends filter life and performance filtering down to just 0.5 Micron.


Quad-Flow's advanced filter media, designed by MetSorb is engineered to target heavy metals and chemical, it’s fast kinetics work effectively at high flow rates with high adsorbent capacity, requiring less frequent filter maintenance. MetSorb® HMRG and HMRP adsorbents utilise a patented material leading the industry in maximum chemical reduction . High Capacity, Excellent Kinetic Adsorbent for Reduction of Lead, Mercury, Arsenic and a wide variety of Heavy Metals and Chemicals including Fluoride. The Quad-Flow design elevates industry standards leading the way in filter technology.


Compact Design

The Quad-Flow 4 Stage single cartridge makes installation a breeze, no extra sink tap, no extra holes required. Installation time 15 min and with the quick-change cartridge design servicing and filter change takes just 15 sec.  


Pack With Features

The Quad-Flow is packed with features including 

-Unlimited installation orientation 

-0.5 Micron filtering capabilities 

-Hi-Flow 9-LPM

-Extended filter life 30,000L / 12 months

-10 Year Warranty 

-Industry leading filter technology

-Compact Solution 

-4 Stage filtration 

-Sustainable solution

-Patent Design 



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